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He said the men told the victim to pay them RM40,000, then stripped him of his clothes, all the while recording a video and pictures of him naked.“They threatened to spread the video and pictures of him naked if he did not pay the RM40,000,” he said, adding that the victim was punched, slapped, kicked and beaten with a stick as well.

Dzaffir said police received a report from a friend of the victim the same day saying that he had received a video and picture of the victim on We Chat, sent from the victim’s own phone.

However, several minutes later, there was a knock on the room door.“When the victim opened the door, five or six men rushed in and grabbed hold of him.

They accused him of raping the woman, who also made the same claims,” said Dzaffir.

Dzaffir said the victim sustained minor injuries but lost an estimated RM8,000 in cash and valuables which the men had taken from him.“A district Criminal Investigation Department team later arrested five people, including a woman, aged between 20 and 25, in Bandar Kinrara this morning.

PETALING JAYA: A 22-year-old man went to meet a woman he met at We Chat for sex but ended up being bashed up by extortionists.

Everybody who lives in China knows about and (probably) uses We Chat.

We also like Mamahuhu's line-straddling humor that pokes fun at at both foreigners and Chinese with equal fervor.

Yeah, those besties look like they're friends forever, that beauty mask merchant looks like she's raking in the dough, and that adorable infant looks just like a bundle of pure joy in the arms of her parents.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Ahmad Dzaffir Mohd Yussoff said the man had met with the woman at the Vina Residency apartment in Jalan Seri Taming.

He said, after taking him to a room, the woman, who is in her 20s, asked the man to take a shower first, then left the room.

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Speaking of We Chat, you probably won't be able to see the embedded Flash video below if you are viewing this on your mobile phone, so check in out using this link to youku instead.

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