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You will receive The Mark of Genova, which dooms you to an eternal existence of being phoned by Jason Genova to let you know that he's looking lean bro, and asking if you can spare any money for him.In addition, Genova's Witnesses will forever haunt your You Tube channel and other social media with the cries of, "Where's Jason? " The original cast of the first Delray Misfits episode Big Richard, Saul, Andrew and Mike The Delray Misfits is a You Tube series that followed the escapades of various characters working out in World Gym (formerly Delray Fitness) in Delray Beach, Florida.But be warned: if you get yourself involved in The Ment, you may be in it for life.Like the Eagles say, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.While much of the country witnessed the extraordinary spectacle of the Moon passing in front of the Sun, the capital became ‘slightly darker’ than usual with streetlights switching on in Parliament Square.Even the Duke of York took a picture from Buckingham Palace showing lacklustre grey skies over The Mall.

He also DJs club bashes in New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and his hometown of Detroit, plus he’s a recording artist/producer who’s coming out with a song called “Regret,” about the horror of waking up after a not really necessary night of too much partying. He said, “Even in high school, I knew there were gay athletes.” It’s not as big an issue as the media like to make it out: “You’re gonna be shamed in the locker room! I did theater and was in the art scene, but there is a masculine connotation that comes with being an athlete’s kid. [laughs] Did any of the friends you were worried about turn out to be gay themselves? I had questions about some of them, but they remained straight.Our recent chat was intoxicating—a real slam dunk, if you will (with no dribbling). Still, I feel like those barriers of masculinity are constantly being broken down and redefined. I had gay friends growing up, but I didn’t let them in all the way. I never was so scared that my parents were going to shun or disown me—the horror stories you hear.“Not seeing much of the Solar Eclipse from Buckingham Palace! Thousands of people had climbed Primrose Hill and flocked to the Greenwich Observatory and Regent's Park only for disappointment.Hundreds took to Twitter to post photographs of the gloomy grey skies and complained about paying for protective glasses which were no longer necessary.

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George, a lonely and fatalistic teen who has made it all the way to his senior year without ever having done a real day of work, is befriended by Sally, a popular but complicated girl who recognizes in him a kindred spirit.

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