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Earlier this year, Vanity Fair declared Tinder as the ultimate place that twentysomethings go to “hit it and quit it”, claiming that the app was solely responsible for a “dating apocalypse”.

While die-hard romantics might agree, others say the app has revolutionised the process of hunting down no-strings fun at relatively little expense. But the pickier you are, the fewer matches you’ll receive, so if you’re looking for a casual hookup - get swiping.

Citywire has grown from a tiny serviced office to an international business with more than 200 people in offices across the globe.

We’ve done this organically without making acquisitions.

But there's a type of dating site scam that's far trickier to spot, and the people who operate it claim to be making thousands of dollars every month fooling vulnerable men.

Compared to a few years ago there’s quite a few apps out there for us now.

Bitcoin is cryptographic currency favoured by criminals as it allows semi-anonymous online transactions.

It's not just guns and drugs that are up for sale on deep web sites.

Where will you find an enduring love and where will you bag yourself a cursory bedroom buddy?

Here’s how the confusing virtual landscape of modern love looks today.

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  3. What have you found are the biggest challenges for daters in Los Angeles? LA is a town where people prefer to date on their side of town, which is understandable due to the heinous traffic, but it’s limiting.