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She previously invited notorious conservative commentator Ann Coulter to appear on her show, but Coulter ultimately dropped out at the last minute.

Lahren previously hosted her own eponymous program, that suggested she has little real-world understanding about how much birth control actually costs.

COVER STORY: Chelsea Handler's Split Personality "I so didn't, and I so don't care about you asking about it," replied Handler, who once quipped to that the best thing about living with Harbert was that "he drives me to work." The couple split up in 2010.

In fact, Handler had revealed earlier that day during an interview with Ellen De Generes that she was going to be going on her first date with a famous guy that night.

said that she and Harbert, who now serves as NBC Broadcasting chairman, spent too much time focusing on work outside of the office.

PHOTOS: The Evolution of Chelsea Handler "I would come home from work, and Ted would be like, ' Do you want to watch your show?

' and I'd be like, ' No, I just came from my show.

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