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The dating part is just a simple add-on, not important, but it is there.

-Finding Love in Wonderland- A girl, the main character, finds herself standing in a defendant’s seat in her strange dream, where is somehow connected to Wonderland.Through various food they put in the watch (butter, tea, jam, and lemon), the two cause it to go mad, and the Hare smashes it with his mallet. The White Rabbit also appears at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts as a meetable character.The Rabbit was perhaps most famous for the little ditty he sang at the beginning, "I'm late! In the Play Station 2 action-RPG game, Kingdom Hearts and its Game Boy Advance follow-up, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, the White Rabbit leads Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy to the Queen's palace, worried about being late. The White Rabbit works for the Red Queen, but is also a secret member of the Underland Underground Resistance, and was sent by the Hatter to search for Alice.Actor To Be - Another Shall We Date game, this one about aspiring actors My Sweet Prince - Another 'Shall We Date?' game - you find a magic bracelet and have to determine which prince should be the next king?

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