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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin 'love" that Ellen Barkin and Ben Emmerson have found love While some reports have stated that Ben, 51, popped the question to his famous girlfriend over the festive period, a statement released to Her first marriage was to Irish actor and film director Gabriel Byrne, with whom she shares two children, but the pair split after 11 years.

They remained on good terms and the following year, Gabriel even attended Ellen's second wedding to her businessman beau Ronald Perelman. The star was said to have received a payment of £2.8million in exchange for not talking about the acrimonious split – on top of the £13million she was awarded during the divorce.

In 1996, the musician, who went on to a famous celebrity marriage to Heidi Klum, dated Banks, who is 11 years his junior.At one point, Barkin wanted to teach ancient history.She continued her acting education at New York City's Actors Studio.Given that, I take unbelievably good care of my skin.I never go to bed without washing my face and I never wake up without washing my face.

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