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The task of spreading Islam beyond the Arabian peninsula to other regions, including North Africa to the fringes of the Sahara, was left to Muammad's successors or caliphs.

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Mr Flirt suggested taking a woman to a theatre or a cinema for a first date, and avoiding cliches when it comes to compliments.

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If you cannot be omni-present, which would be required for such a feat, then all you can do is put a guess on the number.

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” and other saltier submissions can be rather eye-opening. Respond with a Grumpy Cat GIF when they write you saying they're going to be out past curfew. Respond to every text they send with a GIF, ignoring the context and not sending any verbal explanation.

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I'm not a pot-stirrer this season but I do forget to put my petticoat on. Last year in the Hamptons you were arrested for allegedly driving drunk. I will tell you something that I haven't told anyone: I had a designated driver who was supposed to pick me up but when he didn't come I left, I said, 'End of party, I have to go.' And that's when I got pulled over for stopping and rolling. The chapter 11 is because I have a .5 million judgment against me and to pay that bill I would have to give up my house in NY and my house in France.

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He looks deep into your eyes, he tells you he’s never felt so strongly about a girl so fast, he’s extremely affectionate.

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Dates up to this point in history are well documented for C14 calibration.